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Francesca Terrones



Francesca was born to be a successful real estate professional. She grew up in a strict household in Vicenza, Italy, one of the most romantic and beautiful cultures in the world. With a passion to learn and her love of the language, she moved to England in 1998 and then to the United States in 2000. There, in Florida she married Joe, and the couple built their first house together. The joy of selecting the perfect paint colors, flooring, and cabinets filled the house with energy and love while the unique backsplash, artistic lighting, and simple yet elegant furniture transformed it into a home. Now, she applies this unique perspective to every home she sells. 

Francesca graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State with a Bachelor’s in Biology in 2004. That year she also convinced Joe to purchase their first rental property which would later blossom into the business they own today. They moved around the world living in 14 different homes before pursuing their passion of real estate full time in San Antonio. They now have two wonderful girls, Natasha and Jasmine.

“I feel satisfied when our clients trust us and thank us for adding value to their experience. I don’t want to sell our clients a house, instead help guide them to their Dream Home. I want our sellers to feel they have made the right decision by hiring us because we helped them achieve their goals quickly and seamlessly.”

Francesca enjoys home decorating and takes every opportunity to stay in touch with current trends. Of course this comes in handy when selling a home. She is also a trained stager and is of course fluent in Italian.  She has a strict work ethic and loves to bring out each home’s true potential.  Francesca loves spending time with her girls and husband, traveling, eating, and reading.

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